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Tiger Soccer

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About Tiger Soccer

One of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is an excellent sport for young children, and even toddlers, to pick up as it challenges its players physically and mentally. At Tiger Kids, our soccer programmes are carefully planned to ensure that the classes remain FUN & engaging for the kids, while still upholding values such as discipline and teamwork

 Our open-minded yet systematic coaching style allow kids to learn soccer while developing the love of sports. All our coaches are trained to maintain high quality classes that are guranteed to make kids look forward to playing soccer.

Mini soccer set up (12 feet x 6 feet)

Size 1 to 3 lightweight foam/plastic soccer balls used

Soccer-based fun, engaging games to promote interest in kids

Fun-filled, effective 45-minute classes

Small group sizes of up to 6 kids per coach

Accessible locations and potential to start in new places


Soccer lessons for young children -

4 years old to 6 years old

- Fun warm-up games
- Introduction to skills-based activities
- All elements of cricket incorporated in each session, i.e. batting, bowling, throwing, fielding, catching, etc

Focus on:
Improving coordination and balance

Improving existing skills and skills trained in Cubs soccer class
Strengthening foundation
Teamwork and participation
Good sportsmanship and fair play

Soccer matchplay rules

Decision making skills when playing match

Finding their role model

Character (Sportive attitude, Winning focus, Appreciation for diversity, uniqueness in children)
Love of sport (Fun games, Open minded coaching, develop friendship)

Private Soccer Lesson for Kids

Classes will be customised to suit your child's learning ability, as well as to meet parent’s expectations in order to achieve their goals.

One to one classes or private group classes for up to 3 kids can be arranged at the parent's convenience, subject to availability of coach.


$80 - 1 child

$95 - 2 children

$110 - 3 children


30 Minutes

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