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A subsidiary of Arrow Sports Singapore, Tiger Kids was founded by the Arrow Team as a platform for kids aged 6 years old and under to develop fundamental movements, skills, and the ability to love sports from an early stage of their life. Tiger Kids offers sports programmes in Singapore for both toddlers (ages 2 to 4) and young kids (ages 4 to 6), with a keen focus on making sports lessons fun, enjoyable, and useful for the kids. Alongside sports programmes for young children, Tiger Kids will also provide services such as birthday party programmes, and events for parents of these young children.

Arrow Sports is a Singapore-based sports management organisation that provides sports classes, corporate team building sessions, as well as sports events and sports workshops. We offer a variety of sports programmes including personal training, HIIT, tennis classes for beginners to advanced level players, as well as multi sports lessons for kids up to 10. 

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About Arrow Sports

Tiger Kids Coaches

Football, Tennis, Multi Sports


Passionate, motivated & competitive, Selan is a young coach who continues to plays his heart out no matter the sport.


Tennis, Multi Sports


A competitive tennis player all through school, Jarod is now a certified tennis coach and multi sports coach!


Tennis, Multi Sports, Cricket


Name a sport and Mogun has probably played it competitively at least once. Cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis, athletics... sports is definitely in his DNA.

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